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Ground Almonds

Freshly ground from whole almonds into a fine texture. Ground Almonds are far more nutritious than processed flours as it contains the same nutrient profile as whole almonds. It gives foods a moist texture and rich, buttery flavour.

Use as a wheat flour substitute in baking and to crumb meat and vegetables. Combined with Psyllium Husk to bind gluten-free baked goods.


Use as a wheat flour substitute in breads and baked goods.
Ideal for Banting.


Nutritional Information




Tree Nuts.

Typical Nutritional Values
Average Values per 100g per 30 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate
Of which Total Sugar
Total Fat
Of which Saturated Fat
Dietary Fibre#
Total Sodium
2604 kJ
20.4 g
7.5 g
0.0 g
52.5 g
5.0 g
11.0 g
10 mg
781 kJ
6.1 g
2.2 g
0.0 g
15.7 g
1.5 g
3.3 g
3 mg

Values from MRC Food Finder. Information for pack sold.

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