Chocolate Brownie Premix

  • Just add eggs, cream and a little vanilla.
    Make 16 brownies.
    Grain free. No added Sugar. Gluten free.


    Sunflower Seeds, Cocoa Powder (24%), Xylitol, Raising Agent, Xanthan Gum.

    Average values per 100g per 12g serving
    Energy (kJ)
    Protein (g)
    Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g)
    Of which Total Sugar (g)
    Total fat (g)
    Of which Saturated Fat (g)
    Dietary Fibre (g)#
    Total Sodium (mg)
    1442 kJ
    20.7 g
    5 g
    1.5 g
    26.1 g
    5.3 g
    5.8 g
    448 mg
    173 kJ
    2.5 g
    1 g
    0.2 g
    3.1 g
    0.6 g
    0.7 g
    54 mg
    # Analysed using AOAC 991.43 method. Information for dry product.

    Xylitol is not suitable for pets. DO NOT FEED TO DOGS!
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